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Educational Resources


To keep your playground in top condition, good maintenance is essential. Authored by playground safety consultants Teri Hendy and Daniel Hendy of Site Masters Inc., this guide is designed to help you learn how to maximize your playground maintenance efforts by properly identifying and correcting potential hazards on the playground.

This guide will help you identify a maintenance plan to use as a vital component in the protection of your investment, managing risk, improving children’s play experiences, and controlling cost. The guide includes sample inspection forms to help identify procedures and to develop inspection protocols and procedures for your playground maintenance program.


Adequate playground supervision is essential to promote playground safety and fun. This guide will help you explore the value of play, gain an understanding of the play environment, identify potentially hazardous conditions, develop an understanding of acceptable play behaviors, define recommended supervision practices, and prepare your organization to improve its playground supervisory program. Group activities allow schools and agencies to create customized site inspections, develop playground rules, identify sight line considerations and support positive behavior to achieve immediate improvements to your supervision plan.


Unleashing The Role Of Play Environments As Community Assets

Children need to play! But many children in urban areas face barriers that make access to play difficult. The Power of Urban Play is a resource that considers the viewpoints and work of more than 40 urban park and recreation leaders. This resource will help you understand the important role of play in urban communities, define the trends and unique characteristics of urban playgrounds, and recognize the best practices for developing and maintaining wholesome play environments as community assets.

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A Case Study Of Excellence

School-park partnerships can provide strategies for building healthier communities, strengthen programming, enhance play and recreation opportunities, and create opportunities. This resource features the processes and best practices utilized in Springfield, Missouri, where a partnership between the Springfield-Greene County Parks Board and Springfield School District serves as a detailed case study and real-world example for creating and promoting effective partnerships. Other examples and a variety of resources are also included.


Planning, Purchasing And Protecting Playground Surfacing Investments

Choosing an appropriate playground surfacing is one of the most important factors in developing a safe outdoor play environment. This useful resource was created to raise awareness about some considerations to make when planning, purchasing, and protecting your playground surfacing investment. Case examples are highlighted to provide a comprehensive overview on the features and benefits of the variety of types of safety surfaces available. Considerations are also explored that can further enhance play value at your parks and playgrounds. The guide offers planning checklists, resources, and inspection tools to help assist in simplifying the selection, installation, and maintenance process to ensure the safety and enjoyment of users.


A Treatise On Its Value By Leading Play Scholars

Play is the foundation for learning, it is critical for healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Deeply committed to promoting the value of play, PlayCore is proud to bring together some of the world's most respected play scholars- our friends, mentors and inspirational partners-to share their thoughts, the research-based evidence, and their collective, inspirational "words on play" that empower us all to advocate for the many critical benefits of play. 

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