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ColorCast: New way to Spray and Play!

  • Monday, 04 May 2015
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Bring stunning visual aesthetics to your spray pad with ColorCast! 

With summer break around the corner, it won’t be long until families flock to local spray parks to cool down and enjoy a fully interactive water play experience. While most spray parks appear similar in style, you can make a statement in your area by combining colour and texture in brilliant new ways with ColorCast!

ColorCast is the new contemporary design line by Water Odyssey, a division of Playcore and the leader in the design and manufacturing of aquatic play equipment, which offers a new collection of stainless steel spray features enhanced by ColorCast Accents.

Described as “functional art meant for play”, ColorCast is making a statement in the aquatic industry. Misters, solid streams and dumping buckets are given striking bold looks by combining colours, textures and water effects in creative ways.

colour cast

See more of the visually pleasing, hand-crafted spray features below!


ColorCast Accents are enhancing traditional forms & shapes with vivid colours, textures and effects. Here’s how:

Colours: ColorCast Polymer Accents are offered in a variety of colours. The lighter colours allow for more light to pass through, while the darker shades offer bold statements and contrast. Mix colours to cast colourful shadows on the ground.

Textures: Smooth, orange peel, ripple and crackle are only a few of the variety of textures offered with ColorCast Polymer Accents which create interesting surfaces for light to refract as it passes through the accent.

Effects: ColorCast Polymer Accents come in a variety of effects such as ColorCast Burl, a marbling effect between two colours. Logos and abstract designs can also be added to create a contrast between gloss and satin finishes.

Durability: Made of a rigid urethane polymer with rounded edges for safety, ColorCast is extremely durable (and even bullet proof!). They are semi-flexible to reduce risk of injury, and these stainless steel features are coated with Aqua Armor, Water Odyssey’s durable UV and Chlorine resistant coating.

DOWLOAD the entire ColorCast brochure HERE.

Play! by Crozier a division of Crozier Enterprises, is a proud distributor Water Odyssey’s leading-edge and innovative product lines. Contact your local Play! Sales Associate to bring your aquatic playground ideas to life this summer!

About Water Odyssey: Water Odyssey, a division of PlayCore was established in 1996 to provide the highest aquatic playground equipment available. As the leading designer and manufacturer of interactive water features in the United States, Water Odyssey continues to bring cutting edge technology to the design of aquatic playgrounds.

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