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Do you Rock?

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RockCraft Boulders offer Climbing Fun for All Ages 

It goes without saying that climbing is a kind of play that comes naturally to children. Every parent and teacher knows that children will climb even before they can walk; attempting to scale the walls of their playpen or crib is virtually every child’s first challenge. Testing limits is an important part of a child’s development and climbing is an excellent means for children to expand their mental and physical limits.

As children age, there's still opportunities to incorporate the fun and challenge of climbing through bouldering. Bouldering has the adventure of rock climbing without the need for training or safety equipment being only a few feet off the ground. Over the years, rock bouldering has become a popular addition to parks and playgrounds, combining fun with new experiences and fitness.

As the leading manufacturer of concrete climbing rocks for bouldering, Canada's own RockCraft offers the most natural looking boulders on the market today, having the most realistic finish and colours available. The CSA & IPEMA approved RockCraft Boulders come in 10 different hand-sculpted models to accommodate multiple ages, so kids ages 2 years to 12+ years can experience the best full-body workout as they maneuver up and around boulders, strengthening their core, improving coordination, balance, flexibility, mental focus and physical strength.

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"Our boulders are not just for "playing", there are numerous additional benefits such as agility, risk assessment, team work and cooperative play," said Cathy Reid, RockCraft's North American Sales Coordinator. "Each are designed with hundreds of carved foot and hand holds with various degrees of difficulty, since our climbers come in a wide range of heights, strengths and abilities."

See the entire line of RockCraft Boulders HERE. RockCraft is currently offering Summer Savings on the Ledge (ages 2-5), Cerro Torre (ages 5-12+) and Fitz Roy (ages 5-12+) boulders. Contact Cathy at 866-786-1635 for full details.

Ready to Rock? Whether you are interested in adding a boulder to your daycare, school, university or community park, RockCraft staff will help you consider your safety, durability, play value / climbability and aesthetics needs to find a climber that suits your needs for challenging, climbing fun!

Click on the image below to see our full gallery! 

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About RockCraft:RockCraft Design is the leading manufacturer of hand-sculpted concrete climbing boulders for parks and playgrounds. Their boulders offer fun and adventure for children and a full-body workout for all. Learn more about their exciting products by visiting the RockCraft website at Click on the logo below to go directly to the site.    


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