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Extra! Extra! Windsor Playgrounds in the News!

  • Thursday, 23 April 2015

Windsor themed parks

Accessible Playgrounds featured in Windsor Newspaper

WINDSOR, ON – As temperatures rise, so does the excitement across the City of Windsor at the news of five new accessible playgrounds available for children to enjoy this summer! Word of the newly installed themed playgrounds has spread to the media, with St. Clair College’s Converged Citizen Newspaper publishing a story featuring quotes from Play! by Crozier’s Eric Nadeau.

Reporter Mark Brown interviewed Nadeau, a Play! Sales Associate and Accessibility Practitioner, about the concept behind designing each of these parks to accessible for children of all abilities and uniquely designed to match each park’s environment.

All five play structures at Wigle Park, Kiwanis Park, Remington-Booster Park, Mic-Mac-Park and Ford Test Track, include GameTime playground equipment offered by Play! by Crozier.

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The parks feature the following FUN themes:

1. Wigle Park- Sports Theme

The oldest park in Windsor is made new again with this sports themed playground. Previously a baseball field, the structure pays homage by shaping the surface to resemble a baseball diamond. The sports theme is consistent throughout with a massive baseball player themed roof, sports accent pieces, baseball tic-tac-toe panel and ground balancing features of sports equipment. See the sporty look HERE.

2. Kiwanis Park- Lighthouse Aquatic Theme

Located next to the Detroit River, the Kiwanis Park playground features a Lighthouse Aquatic Theme with the eye-catching hand-painted PlayWorx lighthouse as the focal piece. The peaked blue roof can be seen from far distances and the spiral staircase is designed with waves climbing up the side and starfish washing up along the base. There’s even a sounds of water panel to make it feel like you are truly on the 'coast'. Follow the light HERE.

3. Remington Booster Park- Space Theme

The Space Theme at Remington Booster Park is out of this world! Kids will have a blast embarking on inter-galactic space travel while playing on this sleek X-Scape design. The futuristic look is seen throughout, from the Rocket Climber resembling a giant rocket ship, the Rockscape Link in colours to match ancient volcanic rock from Mars and the balance pods used as an access point to the mini rocket ship - the Triton. Enter another galaxy HERE.

4. Mic Mac Park- Prehistoric Theme

Go back in time with Mic Mac Park’s Prehistoric Theme play structure. Kids will have endless scenarios for the imagination to explore while playing on the Dinosaur Climber, which features a textured surface resembling a fossilized T-Rex. The Dinosaur footprint surfacing leads children to the 5’tall mega-rock climber. For added adventure, children can sneak underneath the climber to the hidden dinosaur fossils within the “cave”. See the concept drawing HERE.

5. Ford Test Track - Automotive Theme

Start your engines and head to Ford Test Track to see the Automotive Theme playground (pictured above). Children can take the driver’s seat on the Rockin’ Racer (resembling a race car) or the other accessible cars located on the 2-lane road surfacing. The upper decks of the structure have been fitted with four automotive themed play panels; two of which are part of a car bridge. Tire climbers and the red racing colour helps complete this look. Get ‘revved’ up HERE.

Play! by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises, is a proud distributor of GameTime’s leading-edge, innovative playground equipment. Contact your local Play! Sales Associate to find out how to create an accessible playground that link’s your community’s culture and heritage.

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