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IONiX: Modern Art on the Playground

  • Tuesday, 10 February 2015


IONiX: Outdoor Art Form inspired by Science

When it comes to creating exciting, accessible and imaginative playgrounds, the designers and engineers at GameTime, the leading manufacturer of commercial playground and outdoor fitness equipment, think outside the box. To create a new category of commercial play, GameTime leveraged nearly a century of play research, observed natural phenomena and consulted with thought leaders in the field of play science. The result: A modern work of art that enhances the beauty of any community. 

IONiX is an aesthetically pleasing outdoor art form and an exciting, ground-level play system that promotes active and creative play. IONiX is more than just beautiful! Keep reading to experience the art and science of play:

Modern Art: Architecturally inspired, IONiX is seen as a beautiful community art installation. Curved piping is combined with organic shapes to create a bold visual statement that mimics nature and blends in with the natural environment.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! Watch this incredible video HERE or flip through the images below:  


Life Science: IONiX is a visual representation of the science of life. Just as nature is a continual cycle, so is play; IONiX play sculptures promotes looping play patterns that encourage longer periods of activity, improve decision-making skills and enhances cognitive development. Each shape and pattern represents design elements found in DNA.

Shadow Play: Vibrant, translucent panels capture sunlight and cast vivid, colourful shadows below. As children travel up, down, in and around the structure, the seven colours of the rainbow are dispersed throughout the play area, transforming an ordinary play surface into an extraordinary play activity that promotes sensory integration.

In the News: Check out this great article in Playground Magazine about the innovative use of color and modern materials in playgrounds (highlighting IONiX) HERE! 

To learn more about IONiX and discuss how your community can create a stunning public art installation that promotes active, outdoor play, contact a Play! Sales Associate HERE.

Download the IONiX brochure HERE

About GameTime: GameTime, a PlayCore company, has been a pioneer in the commercial playground and outdoor fitness industry since 1929 with a commitment to enriching childhood and communities through play. GameTime combines the vast wealth of research and intellectual resources of their parent company PlayCore with an unmatched distribution network to lead the industry with innovative products, programs and play environments that inspire imaginations and promote health and wellness for future generations.




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