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Swinging 101: GameTime’s Swing Options

  • Thursday, 09 April 2015

Swings are a staple piece on any playground, not only for the fun factor but because they play a crucial role in the overall development of a child. Because they require constant, changing motion as well as monitoring of the player’s environment, swings contribute to the development of movement and perceptual skills.

GameTime, North America's largest manufacturer of playground equipment and the renowned leader in play, has leveraged nearly a century of expertise to create an exclusive line of swing options. With modern takes on classic favourites such as the Tire Swing to designing accessible options like the Zero-G Chair  which ensures every child can play together, GameTime has a swing for everyone.

Swinging 101: Discover GameTime’s Innovative Swing Options: 

Cantilever Swing:

Engineering, art and fun are three words that sum up the Cantilever Swing. Inspired by the designs of architectural greats Strauss, Guerry and Wright, this swing is a beautiful work of playful art that stands out in any park or playground. The 5” O.D. cantilever arm extends 10’ and is supported by three trusses that add visual appeal as well as structural strength.

Arch Swing:

5056 - Arch Swing - Molino Park 2

A fun and accessible way to add swinging motion to your playground, the Arch Swing allows children to sit around the perimeter of the seat and enjoy swinging together. The wide seating area can fit up to five children and is constructed of durable steel with a soft rubber bumper. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder, or similar sensory issues, can lay across the center section and enjoy the calming to-and-fro motion.

Zero-G Swing Chair: 

GameTime was the first to introduce an accessible swing seat to the industry two decades ago, and they continue to develop adaptable play equipment with the revolutionary Zero-G Swing Chair. The Zero-G Swing Chair allows children with physical disabilities to swing alongside their friends. The high back, wing support, wide base and molded adjustable harness helps the child maintain a neutral body position while remaining fully engaged.

See for yourself in this clip below!

Want to See More? Click HERE to Download GameTime’s Brochure for All Things Swings, including: 

SWINGS, SEATS & FRAMES: Full line of swing, seat and frame options, including the newly released ADA Primetime, PowerScape, Classic and Xscape Swings. (Add a Bay options available). 

ACCESSORIES: Everything you need from hooks to hangers. Be sure to check out the Anti-Wrap Swing Hangers, which rid the problem of kids flipping swings. 

As the exclusive GameTime representative for all of Manitoba, Ontario, NWT, Nunavut and the Maritimes, Play! by Crozier is thrilled to offer these exciting, innovative swing playground equipment to local parks and playgrounds. Contact your local Play! by Crozier Sales Associate to add a swinging feature to your playground. 




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