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Otterville opening

Group effort brings splash pad project to fruition

OTTERVILLE, ON - They say it takes a village to raise a child. In Otterville, it took a village to raise funds for a new splash pad, sure to keep local toddlers this summer.

Two years ago, the old wading pool next to the public pool at Otterville Park was unusable and an eyesore. Today, it has been replaced by a fun splash pad with interactive water features, which opened to the public June 20th.

All hands were on deck to raise the $70,000 required to bring the project to fruition. After receiving a Trillium Foundation grant for $30,000, local organizations such as the Otterville Optimist Club, Norwich Township, Friends of Otterville Park and Otterville fire fighters, raised the remaining funds by hosting several successful fundraisers (including the fire fighters’ wing ding event which drew in over 500 people).

Water Odyssey

Incorporate Water & Nature Play at Conservation Areas

Exploring a Conservation Area to learn about nature has always been a popular field trip for kids of all grade levels. Although it's almost the end of the school year, there’s still plenty of opportunities to attract children and families to Conservation Centres throughout the summer months.

Consider combining nature exploration and water play this summer by adding a spray park to your Conservation Centre. Water Odyssey, a division of PlayCore and the leading designer and manufacturer of interactive water features, is offering an affordable water-fun to beat the heat this summer. Many local Conservation Authorities are choosing to replace old swimming ponds with spray parks built in natural wilderness surroundings to increase outdoor engagement. 

See the water fun for yourself!

Conserve Water + Save Money!

As the largest manufacturer of modular pumping and water treatment systems, Water Odyssey is committed to water recycling with its Hydro Launch Pod system. The compact Hydro Launch Pod houses the mechanical workings of a spray park and is unlike complex systems as it uses NO electricity and requires little maintenance, making it an ideal choice for budget sensitive projects and unsupervised facilities. Since the flow rate and flow duration is adjustable, you can choose to reduce the amount of water going to each feature to save on water usage. A tour of the spray park would make a perfect addition to a water safety program.

Nature Play + Education!


We can’t forget about nature! For some kids, a trip to their local Conservation Authority can be the first time they develop a greater understanding and appreciation for nature. GameTime, North America's largest manufacturer of playground equipment (and also a division of PlayCore), offers a revolutionary collection of play products called “PlayTrails.

As children and families explore a trail, they encounter nature-themed play pockets that promote physical activity and fun, as well as educational signage with fun facts (see bugs and leaves examples below) that allow kids to discover fascinating facts about nature through observation. See the entire nature-inspired line HERE.

Bugs Leaves

Play! by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises, is a proud distributor of Water Odyssey and GameTime’s leading-edge and innovative product lines. Contact your local Play! Sales Associate to find out how you can implement water & nature play at your Conservation Centre this summer!

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Bring stunning visual aesthetics to your spray pad with ColorCast! 

With summer break around the corner, it won’t be long until families flock to local spray parks to cool down and enjoy a fully interactive water play experience. While most spray parks appear similar in style, you can make a statement in your area by combining colour and texture in brilliant new ways with ColorCast!

ColorCast is the new contemporary design line by Water Odyssey, a division of Playcore and the leader in the design and manufacturing of aquatic play equipment, which offers a new collection of stainless steel spray features enhanced by ColorCast Accents.


Water Odyssey provides 'winterizing' tips for closing down spray pads 

By now, most Canadians are already sporting double layered clothing, thermal snow boots and have equipped their cars with snow tires in preparation for the frigid months ahead.

While you may be ready for your community? Most outdoor facilities close down for the cold season; some requiring extra precautions to withstand the harsh weather conditions.



Play leader adds to offerings with interactive fountain systems company

PlayCore Holdings, Inc. (PlayCore), a leading provider of play and recreation products and services, announced that they are acquiring Fountain People, Inc. and its aquatic playground division Water Odyssey.

Founded in 1987, Fountain People is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of architectural and interactive fountain equipment and systems. Their Water Odyssey Division was established in 1996 to provide the market with the highest quality aquatic playground equipment available. As a result of the acquisition, Fountain People and Water Odyssey will become a part of PlayCore’s Aquatics Group. Day-to-day operations will continue from Fountain People’s office and manufacturing facility in San Marcos, TX.


Water Odyssey's Fun Forms add an extra touch of creativity to splash pads!

It’s a no-brainer that kids and splash pads go hand in hand in the summertime. There’s nothing like splashing feet in cool water or running through the mister to keep children’s temperatures down and their spirits up on hot days.

The traditional look of a splash pad is fairly simple; water jets spraying up from the ground paired with spray features made from bent metal. Water Odyssey, a division of Fountain People, Inc. and the leader in the design and manufacturing of aquatic play equipment, is bringing a new dimension of fun and creativity to splash pad designs with Fun Forms.


Brighten your aquatic playground with ColorCast accents! 

School’s out for summer. Children everywhere are looking forward to happily filling those summer days with fun outings that will build lasting memories. With temperatures continuing to soar, many kids are flocking to spray parks to combat the heat and enjoy their time off.

While it may seem like most spray parks are similar in style, Water Odyssey, a division of Fountain People, Inc. and the leader in the design and manufacturing of aquatic play equipment, are standing out above the rest thanks to the new ColorCast collection. From misters to solid streams and dumping buckets, all Water Odyssey’s stainless steel spray features are enhanced by ColorCast, which combines colour, texture and water effects in creative ways.

Visually pleasing to the eye, the ColorCast design line is receiving praise from the aquatics industry for its functional art meant for play. Hand-crafted by Water Odyssey’s talented artists, each feature offers new, innovative ways to spray and play.


Low-maintenance Hydro Launch Pod is the economic solution for aquatic play

When the Canadian summer heat hits your area, it is crucial for your safety (and sanity) to find places to cool off. In the past, families without backyard pools would turn to their local wading pool or public pool to beat the heat, however, more and more of these pools are being decommissioned due to high operational costs and liabilities.

So where do you go to keep cool on a blazing hot summer day without resorting to opening fire hydrants? As it turns out, spray parks are the hot new trend to beat the heat, but not your wallet. And while it’s widely believed that spray parks are more expensive than playgrounds due to its product costs and maintenance, many would be surprised to learn of the many modern-day cost-effective spray park options.


Water Odyssey is the leading designer of unique and innovative aquatic play equipment. Best known for their large themed designs completed with MCA/Universal, this company brings their expertise of massive interactive water displays to your local park. read more