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Top 10 Trends in Play

  • Wednesday, 14 October 2015

GameTime releases 2016 Trends Guide in Outdoor Recreation  

GameTime, North America's largest manufacturer of playground equipment, has been leading the way in creating new and exciting play opportunities since 1929. With more resources available than their competitors, GameTime is constantly developing new research programs to better understand how children play and to continuously evolve their play environments. 

Part of GameTime’s ongoing commitment to enriching childhood through play is to identify key trends in outdoor recreation. They’ve hit the mark with the 2016 Trends Guide, which outlines the Top 10 Trends in Play! The 2016 Trends Guide is the result of dozens of interviews with park and recreations directors across the country, as well as with parents, children and other community stakeholders.

As the proud supplier for GameTime in Manitoba, Ontario, NWT, Nunavut and the Maritimes, Play! by Crozier is happy to keep you informed with the latest trends in outdoor recreation by offering the 2016 Trends Guide to you FREE of charge!



1- Intergenerational Play

See What You’ve Been Missing
Play is a social experience. It provides both distinctive and shared benefits for children and adults. Communities around the world are placing a high priority on creating intergenerational recreation that allows adults and children to play together and to realize the transforming power of play.
Example: GameTime’s Expression Swing, the industry’s first playground swing that promotes intergenerational play as adults and children swing together face-to-face.

PHOTOS of the Expression Swing at Lake Aquitaine Park in Mississauga, ON HERE!
READ about the Expression Swing and the benefits of intergeneration play HERE!



2-Outdoor Fitness

Welcome to the New Gym
Studies show that adults who exercise outdoors are more likely to maintain a regular fitness regimen and will exercise more frequently. GTFit by GameTime is a comprehensive approach to adult outdoor fitness. Backed by research, our products are designed to provide all four elements of a well-rounded fitness program: Aerobic Fitness, Muscle Fitness, Core Fitness and Balance/Flexibility.

PHOTOS of a GTFit Park at Rocking Horse Ranch Park in Richmond Hill, ON HERE!
READ about a local GTFit park and how you can take the gym outdoors HERE!



3-Obstacle Courses

Meet. Compete. Repeat.
One of the fastest growing trends in outdoor recreation is obstacle course races. Challenge Course is GameTime’s exclusive response to this trend. Designed to engage children and families together, it is a perfect way to encourage multi-generational fitness and recreation. Available in Pro configurations for parks and green spaces to appeal to older children and adults (ages 13+) and in school-friendly Youth configurations that are compliant with standards for playground equipment, Challenge Course is an outdoor fitness destination that connects people of all ages and backgrounds to socialize with their family and friends while getting more fit.

PHOTOS of the Challenge Course HERE!
READ about how you can accept the challenge HERE!



4- Shadowplay

Inspire Imaginations at Play
Educators agree that there is a crisis of imagination among school-aged children. ShadowPlay adds a unique visual element to a play area that promotes educational exploration, as well as imaginative discovery. Vibrant, translucent panels on the playground structures capture sunlight and disperse the seven colours of the rainbow throughout the play area. The result is a dynamic play environment that changes throughout the day and brings imagination to light.

PHOTOS of the vibrant ShadowPlay HERE!
READ about the translucent panels that capture sunlight HERE!



5- Nature-Themed Play

Reconnect with Nature
Unstructured, outdoor play is an ideal way to encourage children and families to spend more time outdoors. Nature-themed and naturalized play spaces integrate the living landscape with play equipment. They attract visitors to parks and encourage people to stay and play for longer periods of time.

PHOTOS of a nature-themed playground at Laurentian Park in Richmond Hill, ON HERE!
READ about the benefits of combining nature and play HERE!


For the full Top 10 Trends list, simply email your address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and receive your COMPLIMENTARY GameTime Top 10 Trends in Play Guidebook.

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