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Continuing education is important for designers, planners, and education professionals to remain abreast of current research, national initiatives, and to keep up with current advancements in the industry. PlayCore is pleased to be an approved CEU provider of International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) - the only standard-setting organization approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for continuing education and training, and ASLA–Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES).


As leaders in play, we strive to share resources, expertise, and program best practices to like minded professionals. Our comprehensive Outreach Education Program can provide free customized educational seminars on a variety of topics surrounding play and recreation. Designed to be flexible in order to meet the individualized needs of our audiences, we invite you to experience these educational sessions and to maximize the many resources we have available. Our goal is to offer informative, innovative, and fun learning opportunities, while increasing your awareness about the value of play and current trends in the industry.


Our education session topics and presentations are developed to ensure that every event is meaningful to the audience. Our library of offerings can be tailored to meet specific group needs, time allotments, and audience interests. Training topics include:

- Grant Funding
- Inclusive Play
- Maintenance
- NatureGrounds
- Play & Learning
- Play On!
- Playful Pathways
- Supervision
- Urban Play
- Value of Play

Playful pathways that cater to children and families offer many benefits. They promote health, the value of play, and the need to be inclusive of all people. In addition, they support engagement with nature, environmental learning, walkable and bikeable community connectivity, and growth of social capital. As populations increase and urban development continues, pathways will play a critical role as community assets, and designing them with children and families in mind is an important priority.


Research reveals a strong link between children's experiences of nature and their psychological well being and overall development. PlayCore's Nature Play Funding Guide is specifically designed for communities that are planning, retrofitting, or creating naturalized play environments. This resource provides an overview of funding sources that can potentially help intentionally integrate child-friendly play material with your manufactured equipment not only increase the aesthetic beauty of the playspace, but increase physical activity levels of the users, enhance play value, and increase environmental sustainability. By incorporating the best practices outlined in our NatureGrounds Program, communities can open doors for funding options, partnerships, and community social capital.


PlayCore’s overview of potential funding sources is designed for communities that are planning, revitalizing, and/or building inclusive playground projects. By incorporating PlayCore’s seven principles of inclusive playground design, you can create universally designed play environments that increase “playability” for people of diverse abilities, ages, races, genders, ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic levels. In addition, including inclusive play principles into your planning can increase your eligibility for grants and other forms of funding.


To keep your playground in top condition, good maintenance is essential. Authored by playground safety consultants Teri Hendy and Daniel Hendy of Site Masters Inc., this guide is designed to help you learn how to maximize your playground maintenance efforts by properly identifying and correcting potential hazards on the playground.

This guide will help you identify a maintenance plan to use as a vital component in the protection of your investment, managing risk, improving children’s play experiences, and controlling cost. The guide includes sample inspection forms to help identify procedures and to develop inspection protocols and procedures for your playground maintenance program.


Adequate playground supervision is essential to promote playground safety and fun. This guide will help you explore the value of play, gain an understanding of the play environment, identify potentially hazardous conditions, develop an understanding of acceptable play behaviors, define recommended supervision practices, and prepare your organization to improve its playground supervisory program. Group activities allow schools and agencies to create customized site inspections, develop playground rules, identify sight line considerations and support positive behavior to achieve immediate improvements to your supervision plan.


Unleashing The Role Of Play Environments As Community Assets

Children need to play! But many children in urban areas face barriers that make access to play difficult. The Power of Urban Play is a resource that considers the viewpoints and work of more than 40 urban park and recreation leaders. This resource will help you understand the important role of play in urban communities, define the trends and unique characteristics of urban playgrounds, and recognize the best practices for developing and maintaining wholesome play environments as community assets.

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A Case Study Of Excellence

School-park partnerships can provide strategies for building healthier communities, strengthen programming, enhance play and recreation opportunities, and create opportunities. This resource features the processes and best practices utilized in Springfield, Missouri, where a partnership between the Springfield-Greene County Parks Board and Springfield School District serves as a detailed case study and real-world example for creating and promoting effective partnerships. Other examples and a variety of resources are also included.


Planning, Purchasing And Protecting Playground Surfacing Investments

Choosing an appropriate playground surfacing is one of the most important factors in developing a safe outdoor play environment. This useful resource was created to raise awareness about some considerations to make when planning, purchasing, and protecting your playground surfacing investment. Case examples are highlighted to provide a comprehensive overview on the features and benefits of the variety of types of safety surfaces available. Considerations are also explored that can further enhance play value at your parks and playgrounds. The guide offers planning checklists, resources, and inspection tools to help assist in simplifying the selection, installation, and maintenance process to ensure the safety and enjoyment of users.


A Treatise On Its Value By Leading Play Scholars

Play is the foundation for learning, it is critical for healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Deeply committed to promoting the value of play, PlayCore is proud to bring together some of the world's most respected play scholars- our friends, mentors and inspirational partners-to share their thoughts, the research-based evidence, and their collective, inspirational "words on play" that empower us all to advocate for the many critical benefits of play. 

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The 7 Principles Of Inclusive Playground

Developed in partnership with Utah State University, Center for Persons with Disabilities, PlayCore offers a comprehensive design program for creating play environments for people of all ages and abilities and creating inclusive communities through play. The program defines 7 principles of inclusive playground design that strive to create a truly inclusive and embracing play experience to meet the developmental needs of the whole child by intentionally providing opportunities for physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and sensory development. 

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Designing Play Environments That Integrate Manufactured Play Equipment With The Living Landscape

A growing body of research reveals a strong link between children’s experiences of being outdoors in nature and their psychological well-being and overall development. PlayCore has partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to develop NatureGrounds Best Practice guidelines to deliberately design nature back into children’s lives to benefit children’s play, physical activity levels, and to create richer play experiences for all users. Visit to access the searchable plant database and learn more.

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Infusing Play Into Networks To Encourage Active Lifestyles For Children, Families And Communities

PlayCore has partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to offer an educational resource designed to help professional and community activists promote playful trails and greenways across our nation. The partnership also included collaborations with Advisory Committee of experts from American Trails. Pathways for Play intentionally integrates play into community pathway networks to provide opportunities for playing along the way and encourage use by children and families. Visit our award winning website,, to learn more about supportive research, explore case examples, and access additional seasonal resources to extend family fun and learning on “My Path”.  

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Developed in partnership with the National Lekotek Center, 2Play Together offers a valuable resource striving to make a difference in inclusive playground play and creating communities that care through character education. This resource equips programmers with tips and activities that will promote play, understanding, and fun between children with and without disabilities.


Innovative Learning Concepts Inc., are the creators of TouchMath, an award-winning multisensory program that uses its signature TouchPoints to engage students of all abilities and learning styles in a variety of mathematical concepts, to bring classroom learning. Our new TouchMath Activity Panel is an interactive outdoor play event that offers a fun way to increase child’s computational skills, provide healthy physical activity, and encourage positive social interaction. The hands-on panel, corresponding activity manual, and program training materials are the ideal way to integrate learning into the play experience outdoors while deepening understanding of critical math concepts. The manual offers dozens of counting, addition, subtraction, skip counting, and multiplication activities to implement outdoors with children Pre K - 5th grade. 

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GameTime's FitKid™ Curriculum Based Fitness Program features an ergonomically designed fitness system that can be easily integrated into existing physical education programs. Intended for elementary, junior high and high school students the FitKid™ curriculum includes exercises with beginning, intermediate and advanced skill level options and step-by-step action photos. Many of the activities included in the program have been shown to help develop strength, concentration, spatial awareness, and coordination skills.

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Bringing standards-based music and movement activities to your playground for a new kind of play. Children move and play on the playground to their own beat. Now they can move in new and creative ways as they explore music and movement outdoors with GameTime's exclusive GT Jams™ playground instruments and GT Jams Music & Movement Playbook. With GT Jams™ children can explore sound and move to the beat of musical instruments, adjusting their bodies and movements with changes in beat or contrasts such as slow and fast, light and heavy. Linked to national standards in physical education and music, this program provides fun activities for children to explore the creative arts while being physically active on the playground.


The Play Trail Activity Guides provide a variety of downloadable booklets full of interactive activities for children and families to explore before, during, or after trail experiences. Each booklet was created by environmental education experts at The Acorn Group to provide fun activities and discussion tips that will enrich children’s outdoor experiences, instill lifelong connections to the environment, and increase their engagement with the natural world. These free resources correspond with GameTime’s Play Trail product line and play pocket themes.

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